Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Joh Peel's Record Collection

We thought we had a huge collection of vinyl records here at Koothoomi Records, however names of the first 100 albums of the late DJ John Peel's record collection have been published online.

Behind the project is The John Peel Centre, in Stowmarket, called The Space, which aims to recreate the late broadcaster's home studio and library.

John Peel had a collection of about 26,000 vinyl albums. The names of about 100 will be added in alphabetical order each week.

Among the first artists are Abba, ABC, AC/DC and Adam & The Ants.

The website does not allow users to listen to the albums but there will be links to other websites which offer this.

There should be 2,600 album names put online by October, which is the period covered by Arts Council funding for the project.

Check it out to see how many you have of Johns records in your collection.

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