Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Benicassim Festival 2012 Review

So another year another festival over, but Benicassim is unlike other festivals. You will be used to rain, mud, cold weather, and bad toilets, however, Benicassim festival is different. Sun, warm weather, concrete and proper toilets!!

Having arrived on the Wednesday (the day before the festival starts) we got our bearings and on the Thursday walked to get our wristbands so we knew the way there and back. Thought we better do it while sober and in the daylight rather than getting lost on our way back to the hotel (it is far too hot to camp and sleep in a tent). However getting a blister on day 1 is not a good idea, so had to wear trainers and socks for the rest of the festival.

Thursday night we decided to get a taxi to Benicassim town centre to cut down the walking, have some dinner and then walk to the festival, we did this most nights as to cut down the mileage and rest our poor feet.

Highlights: Noel Gallagher, Miles Kane, Ed Sheeran, Chase and Status, Pringles freebies, 7.50euro for a litre of Hieneken or vodka (not measured) redbull, proper toilets, the weather, the atmosphere plus loads more...

Lowlights: Florence + The Machine pulling out, going on a dodgy fairground ride at 5am on Sunday night/monday morning, queue for a cocktail, ruined feet due to all the walking and dancing.

All in all I would say if you get the chance to do it, then do it as it is amazing, however be prepared to walk and be on your feet alot but other than that it blew the English festivals out of the water.